Module 2 – Lesson 2: Pages, Formatting, and Scheduling

In this Module you will learn how to create Post and Pages from start to finish, including how to add graphics, format your post, so you can bring qualified traffic to your site. By the end of this Module, you will be able to write your first blog or page.

Do not start Module 2 if you have not completed Module 1 already, WP Dashboard
5 WP Admin Toolbar, & 6 Settings

This page contains videos training on

Course Home 

Module 2:  Lesson 1

7 Pages and Posts in WordPress
8 WordPress Post
9 Links in Posts
10 Inserting Pictures Into Post

Module 2:  Lesson 2
11 Media Library
12 Formatting Posts
13 Scheduling Posts
14 Categories and Tags
15 Pages
16 Page Templates
17 WP Plugins

Module 2: Lesson 3
18 Installing WP Plugins
19 WP Themes
20 Customizing Appearance
21 Installing Themes
22 Custom Menu
24 Users


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